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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Run Free K9 Training! We can help improve your dog's health and happiness while building a strong bond with them. We can assist you with all things dog-related.

A cartoon girl with her pet husky on a leash.

Whether you're looking for:

  • Puppy Training

  • Rescue Rehabilitation

  • Confidence Building

  • Reactivity Recovery

  • Aggression Reversal

  • Agility Fun

  • Trick Training

  • Scent Training

  • Therapy Dog Training

  • Service Dog Training

Make sure to look at our Policies and Terms of Service at the bottom of our home page.




Hold harmless agreement

My family History

My Environment Questionnaires.

Behavior Questionnaire (Unless it is a puppy)


Additional contracts may be required after the in-home consult or evaluation. We have many different forms and the forms required will differ from the type of training you receive.

Cartoon woman in a green top walking a grey dog
An incomplete heart filled in with small puppy paw prints
A cartoon woman walking a brown dog.
A cartoon man walking his light grey dog

All of our Questionnaires are under contracts here.

Other questionnaires that may apply to you are:

  • Service Dog Form

  • Bite History Form

  • Medical History Form (must be filled out for board and trains along with dogs who have important medical history)

  • Re-homing contract

Our Process:

Pawsome news! We have an APP for you and your fur baby have met your match. Our site is loaded with wag-worthy success stories, program options, and a fantastic blog that'll make you howl. Plus, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter, filled with helpful tips, tricks, and fur-bulous events and promotions.

We can Help you with any goal you have in mind for you and your fur friend.

Our goal is to make training as enjoyable and stress-free as possible! Communication with a species that doesn't speak our language can pose many challenges. We know just how frustrating this communication barrier can be and would love to help you jump this hurdle so both you and your pup(s) can thrive , not just survive!

Vet Records Are Required.

A medical image for pets, showing a grey dog and cat with a  red medical patch

Downloading our app and making a log-in helps you upload your training contracts and vet records to your dog’s profile. This also allows us to send training updates, photos, and videos all in one place.

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We're devoted to serving up a treasure trove of pup-tastic wisdom, whether you're with us in the fur or flipping through our paw-some material. We're your go-to bark-along buddies, even when class is out! Send us a video of your pup's progress, and we'll sniff out your strengths and help you conquer any obstacles. Our aim? To be your canine coach for life and guide you and your furry sidekick every step of the way. Get ready for some tail-wagging fun!


Jessica Patterson

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At Run Free K9, we worship the pawsome creatures that are our canine pals. Our mission is to help every doggo live their best life, and that includes welcoming you into our pack of dog enthusiasts. With our free membership, you'll be privy to top-notch training tips, exclusive resources, and even discounts on future services. Let us join paws with you and your furry friend to create a happier and more fulfilling relationship. Contact us today to start this epic journey!

Pack Membership is easy. Just sign-up for our online membership and set up your profile! Then complete any in-home assessment, consultation, or evaluation! That's it- Then you are a pack member. 


(804) 401-5610


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