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Upgrade your Dog's Kibble

When it comes to training your furry friend, nutrition plays a vital role in keeping them happy and healthy- its time to upgrade your dog's kibble it's not just about keeping their minds active but also fueling their bodies with the right kind of food. The variety of kibble options available in the market can be overwhelming, making it tough to choose the right one. If you're short on options, adding fresh food nutrients to their diet can help make it more nutritious. Plus, you want your dog to be energized with their kibble - it's essential to keep their taste buds excited! So, whether you're looking to mix things up for your dog or develop a balanced diet, there are tons of sources to choose from to add healthy and delicious foods to their meals.

Bowl of fine soup

T-bone streaks

Dog with a big bone in a pet store

It's important to consider certain foods for your dog's health. These foods include vegetables, fruits, oils, probiotics, and supplements. Each food has its own unique benefits, so it's crucial to research and find the right balance for your furry friend. In the following subsections, we'll briefly discuss the significance of these foods for your dog.


You'd be amazed by the variety of items you can discover at your local grocery store. Asian cuisine grocery stores – likely will have more of a variety.

○ Beef/chicken livers** (chicken livers can be found at a local

grocery store) – full of vitamin A

○ Chicken hearts** - a great source of taurine, B vitamins, protein,

○ Chicken/turkey giblets & gizzards** – can also be found at local


○ Beef/chicken lungs, kidneys, etc

○ Spleens


● Provides vitamins & natural teeth cleaners

○ Chicken feet – full of natural glucosamine & conjointly & collagen

○ Pork/beef ribs

○ Chicken/turkey necks

○ Pigs' feet

large pumpkin

eggs in a basket

fresh veggies

chickens outside


● Eggs - chicken/quail**/duck

■ include shell & shell membrane

■ Extra protein

■ Fatty & amino acids

○ Plain Greek yogurt

■ excellent source of probiotics & digestive enzymes

○ o Bone broth - make sure there's no onion in it

■ promotes healthy gut & digestion

■ Great for hips/joint

○ Meat broths – make sure there's no onion in it

○ Canned sardines + the sardine oil** - full of Omega-3 fatty acids

which helps reduce inflammation, lessening allergy symptoms

○ Canned Salmon + oil** - source of fatty acids – reduces

inflammation & gives them a shiny coat

○ Goat cheese

○ RAW Goat Milk** - full of probiotics & helps relieve & fight off


○ Full of good bacteria & strengthens immune system

○ Natural anti-inflammatory

○ Kefir-great for gut health and a great source of good bacteria and

strengthens the immune system.

○ Cottage Cheese – extra calcium & protein

○ Green-lipped Mussels – amazing superfood & hip/joint


○ having healing properties


○ Peppers - full of vitamin C

○ Carrots (raw or steamed) - good source of fiber

■ Full of vitamins & minerals

○ Pumpkin - excellent for aiding in diarrhea/constipation

○ Sweet potato

○ Broccoli (raw or steamed)

○ Squash

○ Cucumbers

○ Kale (raw or steamed) – stops the release of histamine & an

allergic reaction

○ Spinach (raw or steamed)

○ Green beans (raw or steamed)

○ Beets


○ Orange slices

○ Apple slices/sauce – remove the seeds!

○ Coconut oil

○ Coconut water

○ Papaya

■ digestive enzymes & fiber: Kiwis, honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

○ Strawberries – antioxidants & vit c – natural antihistamine

○ Blueberries – out of every fruit/veggie, these contain the highest

amount of antioxidants.

○ Raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries – antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties

○ Mango

○ Pineapple


○ Chia seeds - immune system booster

○ Ground pumpkin seeds -provide important fatty acids

■ Also, a natural dewormer for puppies

○ Ground almonds

○ Flax seeds

○ Chamomile tea – use it to hydrate the kibble – has calming &

pain-relieving properties

○ Decaf Green Tea – anticancer & anti-inflammatory properties

○ RAW honey - fight seasonal allergies by slowly introducing

pollen so they can build an immunity to it

○ Native Pet® supplements

○ Glucosamine - recommended brand – Cosequin

■ Promotes join/hip/elbow health

○ Cilantro - improves digestion & bad breath

○ Oregano – antifungal & antibacterial

■ Aids in digestion

○ Basil – anti-inflammatory, eases arthritic pain, also a good anti-

anxiety supplement

○ Rosemary - high levels of antioxidants, prevent build-up of free

radicals in body

■ Can also prevent heart disease & cancer

○ ***Golden paste*** – known to help prevent/aid in arthritis, allergies, and

Cancer. Highly recommended for older or larger dogs!

■ 1/2 c turmeric

■ 1c water

■ Low/Med heat, 10 min

■ 1/3 coconut oil

■ 1 ½ tsp of black pepper

■ Mix, let cool

■ Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks

○ Milk thistle - detox & liver protection

○ Spirulina – nutrients

■ Reduce cancer risk

○ Kelp powder – super grain that's high in iodine – helps in proper

thyroid function

○ Slippery elm – a natural herb that coats the dog's GI tract & aids in

Digestion. Great to have on hands

○ Green-lipped mussel powder – helps support joints & produces

important omega 3 fatty acids

○ Wheatgrass powder – superfood packed with nutrients & source

of chlorophyll

○ Wild Alaskan Salmon oil – great for skin & coat, provides

important Omega-3 fatty acids

○ Quercetin – nature's Benadryl

○ Bee pollen – desensitize dog to pollens & a superfood w/ tons of


○ CBD oil – many benefits

■ Anti-inflammatory & helps manage pain – good for arthritis and anxiety.

○ ALWAYS HYDRATE THE KIBBLE – can use plain warm water


■ Coconut oil

■ Goat's milk

■ Decaf Green tea

■ Chamomile tea

■ Bone broth

■ Meat broth


Use canned pureed vegetables/fruits/or broths

It is better to steam or puree their veggies so they can better

absorb the nutrients

Run Free K9's Balanced Raw Feeding chart.
Run Free K9's Balanced Raw Feeding chart.


o 10% raw meaty bone

o 70% meats

o 10% organs

o 7% veggies

o 2% seeds/nuts

o 1% fruit

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