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Adventure Training with Run Free K9

Tuckered out pup on the beach.
Look Mom! I got my paws dirty with my friends.

With Run Free K9 Adventure Training, your dog can fine-tune his training while developing strong social skills in public settings under the guidance and watchfulness of our trained professionals while fine-tuning his training. Our experienced trainers will provide customized coaching to ensure your dog receives the best possible experience while learning important skills like recall, leash walking, and impulse control.

It's always a paw-some adventure to train with Run Free K9's Adventure Training specialists! Our focused training lessons include socialization and teaching your furry friend new skills. During a pup field trip with Paw-some Pals, your dog will learn commands that complement their current plan. We also provide personalized support for each client and their dog. We also offer tips and tricks to ensure your pup is well-behaved in any situation. Our goal is to help your pup become confident and happy.

Two dogs walking together.
Look mom, I have a new friend!

The goal of training adventures is to help your dog grow physically strong and mentally fit, and develop trail smarts. They also provide fun, stimulation, and bonding opportunities. Training adventures also help to strengthen the bond between the dogs in their pack, as well as provide an opportunity to build trust and respect between the dog and their trainer. Adventures are also a great way to teach dogs valuable lessons such as patience, obedience, and problem-solving skills.

As dog owners, we know that dogs require mental stimulation to develop their intelligence and skills. During our Adventure training, we utilize this knowledge to maximize your pup's learning and play. Our trainers create a fun and engaging atmosphere that encourages the dogs to think and problem-solve. This helps them to build confidence and develop better social skills.

Training social skills in dogs is essential for their overall well-being and interactions with other dogs and humans. By exposing them to different environments and teaching them how to navigate social situations, we help them become more confident and adaptable in various social settings. This also increases their likelihood of forming meaningful friendships and relationships with people and other canines.

You and your trainer can determine the schedule for your training adventure. It is advised to book early to secure more options, as space is limited.

After selecting the day and time, your trainer will pick up your dog every week at the chosen time. Each adventure is different, so your pup always gets to experience something new and exciting. In each training adventure, up to five pups can go, depending on their level of training, and since the time slots are set, your pup gets to know his travel companions and form friendships with them. After that, your dog gets to play for two hours with his friends. After the training adventure, your pup will be returned to you by the trainer.

At drop off your trainer will briefly fill you in with the areas of focus for that week and the goals for the next week. As a pack member, you will have access to the monthly newsletter, email pup-dates specific to your fur baby and their progress with the trainers, and all pack walks are free to you and your fur baby! Your trainer is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Your fur baby will also receive an individualized training program tailored to their specific needs. Plus, you can enjoy the camaraderie of other pack members.

Older woman making a phone call.
Make the call and we will be there to pick up the pup.

It all starts with a free phone consultation! The initial phone consult will take about 25 minutes, it helps determine if we are a good fit and provides us with a background on your fur baby. After the consult, we will schedule a home visit. During this visit, we will assess the environment, meet the pet, and determine the best plan for their care. If the pup's training meets the criteria for adventure training you can sign up. If your pup is not quite ready for the Adventure training program our trainer will draft a training plan of action at no obligation to you! That way you know what is required for us to be confident in taking your pup out on adventures!

Contact us today to book your pooch's adventure training!

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